First blog post

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Oh my God, my first blog post…I might throw up. I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe.


Humane Undercover

As this is my first post of any merit, I thought I ought to introduce myself. I have loved animals from the time I could maneuver a chubby little fist their way. I decided as a teenager that I wanted to keep housewives reading by writing Romance novels. (Please excuse the tone and snarky assumptions made by a teenager about Romance. I loved these books, as well, but I thought it was funny to say it that way) I am now a woman in what might be considered the Fall of my years.

A number of years ago, I read a book called “Animal Factory” by David Kirby. It opened my eyes to the many systemic problems inherent in factory farming, not the least of which is how abhorrently the animals are abused. I wanted to do what I could to open other peoples’ eyes to what was occurring every day, while we walked, comatose, down the meat aisle.

Here is where I ran into a real problem. Most people don’t want to know. Yes, it’s true. It is possibly one of those inconvenient truths about which you hear so much. It is also very difficult to view and hear. The brutality is sometimes unfathomable. My mom was my first victim. She said, “Ew, Jenni don’t tell me.” I didn’t want to post things on Facebook. After all, there are children on there. I didn’t want to invade peoples’ lives with this ugliness.

Faced with this dilemma, and the fact that I had turned to Cozy Mysteries in the last few years, thanks to the wonderfully snarky Janet Evanovich, I decided to return to this lifelong dream of being a novelist, and try to maybe shed some light on this situation without causing a reader to turn away in revulsion. Maybe cozy mysteries that happened on factory farms involving a hot, sexy undercover investigator and his girl-next-door love, the aspiring writer, Maggie might be the way into peoples’ hearts. As I was writing the first novel (still in revision) I learned that Romance had a more sustaining effect on me than I first thought. Yup. I couldn’t keep these two out of bed. So now my mysteries are what I like to call Rozy Mysteries. They include sex scenes, a no-no in cozies. I hope to have the first novel ready to submit in the next few months. Wish me luck!